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A Weed by any Other Name…

In Community Garden on August 6, 2010 at 12:19 AM

There is a weed that loves our garden. It is not picky, growing underneath the heavy shade of our tomato forest, in the crevices of our wooden fence, and not the least down our wide open walkway. One day, when one of our lovely gardeners saw me dumping them with little regard, she patiently explained that “en Mexico, comimos estos!” In the chinese store downtown, apparently, they are sold at a fine price. I handed her the plants formerly known as weeds that remained in my hands.

The next week, at 9am sharp, that same gardener strolled over to the tomato plants, where I had already begun what I like to call my sucker removal ritual. She motioned for me to come with her back towards the enterance of the garden. She proceeded to remove, Mary Poppins-like, tortas and a plastic nescafe now filled with something other than nescafe.

‘El Euite!’ She exclaimed. The dear woman had stuffed homemade tortillas with the plant, and along with our tomatoes and jalapeno proved that a weed by any other name, is definitely not a weed!

One of our gardeners disposing of 'real' weeds.


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