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Where Diabetes Prevention Began at FHCHC: from Individual to Systematic Care Models OGTT RECRUITMENT

In OGTT Screening on August 20, 2010 at 9:29 AM

“Do you prefer English or Spanish?” Our Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator asks the woman on the phone. She is scheduling a patient for a diabetes screening. Recruitment for FHCHC’s screenings, however, starts long before this phone call. Indeed, it begins when patients walk in the door of the clinic. In key locations along the hallways, elevators, and rooms are posters about diabetes risk factors and the opportunity that people have to be screened. Any clinician that suspects prediabetes now fills out a diabetes referral form (see below), which is then directed to the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Staff. The DPP staff then call all who have received referrals to schedule a time for them, and often their families, to come in. As I write this, our program coordinators are scheduling people for one month from now.

Because the screening days are so action-packed, one of our clinicians has begun calling patients the week of the screening to have preliminary conversations. It is both a way to ensure attendance and increase the effeciency on the day of the screening. Her prep work has illustrated how educated patients are before they walk in the door on screening morning, and given her an opportunity to make a personal connection with attendees. To that end, their lack of attendance sometimes becomes a personal affront as well!


Diabetes Prevention Program Referral Form:


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