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OGTT Screening: How to Get Patients’ Attention

In OGTT Screening on August 21, 2010 at 1:40 PM

As the last patient completes their first of two blood drawings, the lead OGTT Screening clinician starts her presentation. Around twenty screening participants face the power point, shifting in their seats restlessly and looking a little dazed. The screen flickers with the question, “Por que estamos aqui hoy?”

The clinician explains that diabetes is a family-based disease. It starts in the home, and effects all who live there.

‘At 65 years old’, she continues, ‘I know that my patient will have heart problems associated with diabetes by 70 years old. Then, I began to see 45 year old mothers displaying symptoms that would show up at 50 years old. Soon it was 25 year olds, with major health problems at 30… and now, with abnormalities 10 years old, your children are subject to medical interventions at 15 years old. Truth is, half the kids we see at the clinic today have abnormal blood tests.’

For the first time since the screening began, the room becomes dead quiet. You can literally hear a pin drop. The clinician gets very quiet and repeats the same declaration she began with: ‘This is a family-based disease, and it is not a joke. Not even close.’

A toddler who became silent with the rest of the group suddenly lets out a little giggle. The clinician puts up her fists in jest, turning his giggle to laughter. The clinician teaches the rest of the class with the baby in her arms.


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