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Taxis, Gardens, and La Voz!

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2010 at 1:59 PM

In a ride from Union Station in New Haven to my home, I chatted with the taxi driver to pass the time. Ecuadorian by birth, he has lived in Fair Haven for a number of years. We spoke in Spanglish.

“I work at the Fair Haven Community Health Center.” I offered, attempting to steer the conversation away from an incumbent awkward silence. “I run a garden on James Street as well.”

“I just read an article about a garden in Fair Haven! In La Voz!”

“No.” I exclaimed. “That’s my garden! That’s me in the article!”

The taxi driver nearly swerved off the road hunting for the sedan’s overhead light. He cranked his head in my direction and said that I was supposed to be Brazilian!

I assured him that I had lived in Brazil for a while, and he turned again in delight at his discovery.

We set up a time for him to come to the garden, and what started as a business transaction ended in a charming intersection of interests. Yay DPP & Chabaso Garden!

** You can read the article about the DPP Chabaso Garden in La Voz here!**


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