Ending Type 2 Diabetes One Exercise, Nutrition, and Gardening Class at a Time

September 25th Dig In Success!

In Community Garden on September 27, 2010 at 12:26 PM

September 25th marked a transition in our Diabetes Prevention Program Community Garden – the end of summer and inquiry into the fall/winter plan. To celebrate the occasion, we constituted ourselves as the only Connecticut participant in Slow Food USA’s Dig In day of action. It was magnificent. Kids and adults with more paint on their hands than on the mural they were creating, clinicians and business owners chatting about how to collaborate for employee health, the garden’s carrots getting the enthusiasm they deserve for their months of effort. Amazing how one  little plot of land can bring so many extraordinary change-makers together. And in the spirit of acknowledging those who may never acknowledge themselves publicly, a special shout out to Grand Paint for donating ALL the mural’s paint, to Bom Menino and Catherine for donating their artistic expertise without any prior knowledge of the program, to Jensen for the Yale love, to Margarita, Georgina, and Mariella who stayed until the last leftover salad bits was packed and car-safe, John Ferreira for being game to all sorts of crazy ideas, and Victor who is the definition of service. Let’s not forget those who have made the whole deal possible: Dr. Anne Camp, Elizabeth Magenheimer, Dr. Bill Tamborlane, Katrina Clark, Charles Negaro, and Nancy Dennett.

Clinic staffers dig in!


Never too young to paint

Painters & sunflowers, all doing their jobs

So many choices!

Parsley gone to seed!

Mural + Garden + Kids = Way Fun

Chabaso Bakery owner Charles Negaro and grandson Oliver, enjoying a moment with the cherry tomatoes

Who says kids don't like vegetables?

Sharing the love

Elizabeth Magenheimer, family NP, teaching nutrition at the source


  1. Was a great day all around. A meeting of wonderful ideas and good energy.

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