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Yale Graduate School Day of Service Adventure

In About the Program on October 12, 2010 at 1:07 PM
October 9th we hosted 25 Yale graduate students at our community garden, giving them the option of preparing the garden for the winter months, constructing our new and beautiful greenhouse, or completing the mural begun during our Slow Food Dig In Celebration. Miracle after miracle made the day possible. Mike Trepadino, owner and operator of Growell in Cheshire donated a greenhouse valued way higher than we could ever pay. Oscar, Alfredo, Pedro, Tony, John, all Chabaso employees fearlessly led by owner Charlie Negaro, picked up the greenhouse materials and began construction without any worries. Saturday morning, Bom Menino, a Capoeira student and the driving force behind our mural, worked with a group of the Yale students to add carrots, sunflowers, and the Diabetes Prevention Program logo to the garden wall.

With the greenhouse, we are going to be able to extend our growing season through the winter. Maria, one of our Diabetes Prevention Program participants, led the soil preparation efforts.

A group of the volunteers harvested our entire batch of basil. We made pesto over the weekend, and as I write this, the Diabetes Prevention Program staff are selling the batch so we can buy seeds for the winter garden.

Yale students studying everything from aeronautics to biology, joined forces with Chabaso Bakery’s operations staff, Massaro Farmer Steve Munno, and the husband of one of our Diabetes Prevention Program participants to piece together the greenhouse.

Overall, a very successful day.

  1. Last sighting, 90 minutes into the sale, the 25 containers of pesto was reduced to 3. Folks bought it after tasting the magical flavors, many of them had never heard of it much less tasted it. Thanks to the volunteers, to Chabaso, and last but certainly not least, Rebecca and the folks in the Diabetes Prevention Program.
    PS. The growing green house is amazing!!!!

  2. The pesto was great! The garden will continue to be a success during the winter with the new greenhouse!!!

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