Ending Type 2 Diabetes One Exercise, Nutrition, and Gardening Class at a Time

Oaxacan Agriculture Educator Visits DPP/Chabaso Garden!

In Community Garden on October 15, 2010 at 3:02 PM

Kiado Cruz, one of the community organizers for Oaxaca, Mexico’s La Red Autónoma por la Soberanía Alimentaria: The Autonomous Network for Food Sovereignty (RASA), visited the DPP/Chabaso garden this morning. He is on a three-week, multi state tour of the US hosted by Witness for Peace talking about his work with indigenous urban gardeners in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We found that we had an enormous amount in common; methods of grassroots recruitment, environmental challenges, communication with participants. Similar to our Diabetes Prevention Program participants, Kiado’s Mexican constituents have a history of gardening or farming, but are unable to invest in a substancial source of fresh fruits and vegetables in their current urban conditions.

He took home some of our jalapenos and habaneros, and a bag of fresh Chabaso bread on which to enjoy them.

For more info on Kiado and RASA’s work, click here.

Kiado Cruz (left) and his translator Nicole Moran entering the greenhouse

DPP/Chabaso Garden Manager Rebecca Kline, Witness for Peace Regional Organizer Susan Letendre, Kiado Cruz and Nicole Moran sharing knowledge

Kiado, explaining RASA's gardener recruitment methods to a rapt audience including Rebecca Kline, Susan Letendre, Nicole Moran, and Anne Somisel.



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