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DPP Financial Sustainability: No Special Treatment

In About the Program on December 8, 2010 at 1:03 PM

“The DPP gets no special treatment” declares FHCHC’s billing manager Marian Zayas. She is referring to the billing system used to ensure DPP financial sustainability. Knowing that neither the clinic nor grants could finance the program for more than several years, exploring and establishing an effective billing system has been a key objective from day 1.

Like other health clinics, FHCHC positions patients on a sliding fee scale based on their income and insurance status (see scales below). Those with no insurance combined with lowest income level are given the biggest discounts, while those with insurance and/or high income are given the lowest discount. The DPP has fully adopted this system so that each patient seen in an OGTT screening or participating in the Intensive Lifestyle Intervention is charged for their visit based on their position on the sliding fee scale. The DPP uses a coupon system to ensure that the DPP is charged for serves not covered by patients’ insurance (click here for a sample coupon sheet).

Click here to see the OGTT billing process which ensures insurance reimbursement and program sustainability.


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