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Garden Miracle #18274649830

In Community Garden on January 24, 2011 at 4:04 PM

Two weeks ago, we walked into the garden expecting the usual – in 50 degree recycled heat, collards fighting to grow just a little wider, kale a little greener, lettuce a little softer. Instead, our breath froze just as quickly as it had outside the plastic walls. A quick, panicked glance at the thermometer indicated below-freezing temperatures. We made a b-line to the spinach patch, a particularly hearty crop this winter, and it was frozen solid. Crystalized like the head of lettuce that got too close to the back of the refrigerator when the rest of the veggie crisper was empty. Cracking like potato chips, frozen frozen frozen. I called the operations director in my dismay, who quickly discovered that indeed the oven heat was not pumping into our greenhouse. For how many days, nobody knew.

They fixed the problem, and I spent the week hoping, wishing, and wondering how I would secure a new army of seeds.

Alas the miracle: our vegetables did not die. The following week, with the greenhouse back up to it’s 50-degree onion-ciabatta-loaf fragrance, the greens were as soft and perky as usual. Turns out they had been bracing themselves, not unlike the fetal position we find ourselves in on these frigid New England nights, and were ready to spread out and keep growing when some additional heat arrived.

  1. Both the images and the chill are crystal clear.

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