Ending Type 2 Diabetes One Exercise, Nutrition, and Gardening Class at a Time

Winter Garden – In Full Swing

In Community Garden on February 1, 2011 at 4:43 PM

The Diabetes Prevention Program and Chabaso Bakery Winter Garden is in full swing. No snow, sleet, or rain will stop our kale. No spinach will be dislodged by cold gusts, nor will our cilantro (who said cilantro was a warm-weather crop?) be disheartened by its neighboring rosemary’s thick branches. This winter, the greens reign in their small hoop house.

The trek up to the greenhouse. That’s right, in addition to heat from the ovens, we have electricity.


Alex Cordova, garden volunteer, getting beds ready for arugula, collards, and mesclun greens.


Rebecca Kline, garden manager, tucking in arugula seeds.


Mustard greens, baby lettuce, and red kale gather dew in the early morning.


Mesclun mixes and turnip greens for a gorgeous snowy morning salad. Yum.




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