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Community-Based Participatory Research Overview

In Intensive Lifestyle Intervention - General on October 24, 2011 at 2:17 PM

Guest blogger Rosette Chakkalakal will be posting updates on the Community-Based Participatory Research project that she is managing with the FHCHC DPP and Yale’s Bright Bodies Program. This post is an overview of the research so far:

We are using a community-based research approach to conduct a program evaluation of Fair Haven Community Health Center’s (FHCHC) Diabetes Prevention Program.  Our team includes program leadership and staff from the FHCHC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), the Bright Bodies program, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at Yale.   The program evaluation specifically focuses on making the program more family-centered and improving the quality of the self-monitoring aspect of the program.  Over the summer, our project team met several times to review the processes and goals of each program and find opportunities to incorporate additional “family time” activities in each session.  Some of these activities include family food tastings of healthy recipes and exercising together.  We also devised a strategy to encourage participants to self-monitor their physical activity using quality improvement techniques to attain a goal of having 50% of our participants return their exercise diaries by the end of the 12-week program.  Right now, we are meeting twice per month to think about how these new interventions and strategies are working as we implement them with the current participants of the programs.  We are constantly thinking of ways to adapt the program to make it better—for example, we haven’t seen many of the participants return their exercise diaries so we will now be giving out “Bright Bodies Bucks” to participants who return their diaries that we will then use to enter them in raffles.  We also realize that right now, we only receive feedback from the program leaders regarding these new elements of the curriculum.  We will start handing out brief “activity evaluation” forms to the participants so they can tell us what they think of the programs as well.


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