Ending Type 2 Diabetes One Exercise, Nutrition, and Gardening Class at a Time

A Banquet Dinner at Common Ground High School for Our Patients!

In Community Garden on January 30, 2013 at 3:24 PM


Last week, DPP Garden participants got to do something a little out of the ordinary for a typical week at the garden. Five members and six children piled into a school bus and headed off for a banquet dinner at Common Ground highschool in West Rock. The meal was organized by teacher Keith Johnston and students from Ecología, a course that encourages students to learn about the natural world while also teaching them Spanish.  


A couple months prior, the class had visited Garden members at their James St. hoop-house to learn about the garden project as well as gain some new Spanish vocabulary. So the banquet dinner was the second occasion that DPP Garden partcipants and Common Ground students got the chance to interact. The dinner included a number of delicious dishes such as rice with chicken, stuffed plantains, avocado salad, quesadillas (a big hit with the kids!), as well as healthy fruit salad for dessert. The members had nothing but positive remarks about the meal, and noted that it was an honor to feel welcomed at such an intimate event. Cassidy Metcalf, DPP Garden Director, is hoping to continue fostering the partnership between the Fair Haven Clinic and Common Ground. When the weather warms up some, she plans to take the Garden members back to the highschool to visit their organic vegetable garden and various farm animals. Stay tuned for the next fieldtrip!





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